project world powder 3.0

Two years have already passed since I was in Japan and Canada. It was a memorable trip. I met a lot of nice people and traveled to amazing places. There was only one problem on this trip: Where is the snow? We planed 3 weeks of skiing in Japan. And we ended up with about 4 days of fresh powder. Afterwards, we went to Canada and it was quite literally the same. Tons of blue sky and, if it was snowing, it was 2-3 degrees too warm to deliver the fluffy white gold. We had some nice days in the powder and others on the slope, but after one almost dry month in Canada we decided to do a road trip through the US of A. We did skidooing in Salt Lake City, watched the sun go down in the Monument Valley, passed the Grand Canyon, gambled in Las Vegas, visited friends in San Francisco and finally saw the real east cost and the pacific while driving up to Vancouver.

The trip was not what we had planned, but it was an amazing adventure anyways.

Now two years later and I miss these countries, the people and, first and foremost, the snow! I give them one more chance to show me their beauty and the white gold. Iā€™m going again šŸ™‚ I will fly the 11th January to Tokyo, then straight to Sapporo and finally to Niseko. There I will stay till the 25th January and after two days of ski trip fly to Tokyo. At Saturday the 30th I fly to Vancouver, get the car and then travel through Canada and the USA in search of the Powder till mid March.